Soft tissue therapy is the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body to 

                                                                                                          reduce pain and to aid recovery, rehabilitation of chronic and acute

                                                                                                          musculoskeletal injury..


                                                                                                          Soft tissues are our muscles, connective tissues and fascia,

                                                                                                          tendons, ligaments and joints.

                                                                                                          Soft tissue therapy helps to reduce pain and discomfort associated

                                                                                                          with everyday and occupational stresses, muscular over-use, sports injury

                                                                                                          and many chronic pain conditions. As an intervention soon after a soft

                                                                                                          tissue trauma or injury, soft tissue therapy can greatly reduce the

                                                                                                          development of painful muscular patterning and movement adaptation.

                                                                                                          Soft tissue therapy is a combination of established osteopathic techniques

                                                                                                          and deep tissue massage, tailored to the individual. It is targeted towards

                                                                                                          improving loss of range, reducing pain and impacting on performance.


                                                                                                         Who is it for?

                                                                                                         You don't have to be a sports person to feel the benefits Soft Tissue Therapy.


                                                                                                         Injuries, pain, muscular tension, stress and fatigue can affect all of us,

                                                                                                         whether we  are: 


  • Involved in competitive or recreational sport

  • Employed in a physical job

  • A gardener

  • An elderly person

  • An office-based person

What happens on the first visit?

On the first visit you will complete a confidential health questionnaire as part of your initial assessment. It is important to know if you have any medical conditions, or are taking any medications. I am here to listen to your concerns, and assess your individual needs, as well as other factors that may be contributing to your injury such as work, lifestyle, or nutrition. We will then develop a treatment plan to ensure you receive appropriate treatment, and in some cases a rehabilitation exercise programme that will help you return, as much as possible, to your normal activities.

During your first visit you can expect the following:

  • Arrive at your appointment and complete your paperwork. All personal information are held securely and are confidential.

  • An initial evaluation where we will discuss the following:

    • Your medical history.

    • Your current problems/complaints.

    • Pain intensity, what aggravates and eases the problem.

    • How this is impacting your daily activities or your functional limitations.

    • Your goals and upcoming events.

    • Medications, tests, and procedures related to your health.

  • Next I will make an objective evaluation, which may include some of the following:


  • Posture Assessment - the positions of joints relative to ideal and each other may be assessed.

  • Palpation - by touching the area around the pain/issue I can assess for the presence of tenderness, swelling, soft tissue integrity, tissue temperature, inflammation, tone, etc.

  • Range of Motion (ROM) - I will move the joint(s) to check for the quality of movement and any restrictions.

  • Muscle Testing -  this is where I will assess strength and the quality of the muscle contraction. Pain and weakness may be noted.

  • Special Tests - these are tests to confirm/rule out the presence of additional problems.


What should you wear?

You should wear loose fitting clothing so you can expose the area that we will be evaluating and treating. For example, if you have a knee problem, it is best to wear shorts. For a shoulder problem, a sports bra or vest top is a good choice, and for low back problems, wear a loose fitting shirt.

We use towels in a very clever way to maintain your modesty, but please be prepared to expose the part of your body that needs treating, very few injuries are treated through clothing.

​​Do I have to remove all my clothing for soft tissue therapy?

No. Your comfort as a client is of the utmost importance to me, whether that is in the context of the clothing you wear or the treatment you receive. I am trained in proper draping procedures to ensure that your privacy is completely respected at all times during treatment. Your comfort and ability to relax is paramount if treatment is to be effective.


Your consent is sought before treatment is provided. If you are uncomfortable, please speak up.

Does soft tissue therapy hurt?

As with many treatments affecting the soft tissue, there are times when soft tissue therapy can cause some discomfort but it is not harmful.


Discomfort usually diminishes and no technique of this nature is used without first discussing it with you and obtaining your permission. A comfort scale will be established and we will work to your tolerance level. You can stop or change the treatment at any time and we will be able modify techniques to meet your needs.



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